Bike Reviews – Why Make Them?

Bike Reviews. Would you make a motorcycle review? Is it the right choice for your platform? I decided a long time ago to stop doing them. And here is why. Consequently.

Bike Reviews Reasoning

Why Make Them

Bike Reviews – Why Make Motorcycle Review Videos? What is in a review video and why does it suit some channels more than others. Further.

I used to do some motorcycle and product reviews but I found I needed to retain an independent voice which is not always possible when doing reviews for a brand. Also.

Bike Reviews For Brands

So I decided not to do standard reviews but more my opinions of what I thought and whether they would suit my needs first and foremost. Moreover.

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Firstly. There are lots of motorcycle content creators who only do motorcycle reviews or product reviews associated with biking. Whilst this is a helpful resource, personally do not find it creative enough for my taste. Additionally.

Secondly. A couple of years ago I realised that the bike and product reviews I started to do were becoming metronomic. Furthermore.

Thirdly. There was a template that I had created and was simply following it without thought. This started to go against the reason why I created the YouTube channel in the first instance. In addition.

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