Best Adventure Bike is…Russian!

When we think of big ADV bikes we would look to the likes of KTM, BMW, Triumph etc as the typical ADVs of choice with other manufacturers putting in sterling efforts too, however possibly the best all purpose bike to get you in the adventurous spirit is not what you would normally think of…and it’s Russian.

Russia’s own motorcycle manufacturing market really stalled and many bikes are imports these days being other European brands and of course Japanese but the URAL motorcycle and classic driven wheel sidecar is possibly the best option for a no nonsense ride to load up with equipment and go off exploring off the beaten track…as long as that track is wide enough of course for a bike and sidecar combo.

I remember watching a program years ago where in the middle of a Russian winter, an explorer or sorts came across a URAL that had been sat outside under a tarp in the snow. It looked as if it were from the 70’s and had been stood still for years. But he managed to kick start it up and it worked flawlessly, albeit with a cough and a splutter.

A couple of years ago I was a t a show where there was a display of old WWII military bikes and sidecars and the tough simplicity of the machines was much to admire. You can pretty much roll over most terrain, use it like a mule and it’s stable too.

Yes you won’t be going anywhere fast but you will be doing it on a bike that has a really good chance of never letting you down and even if it did, you have enough space and load carrying capacity to carry all the spares with you too.

I have always been a huge fan of proper third wheel driven bikes and sidecar units and the URAL is just the one that keeps on giving. After seeing one at a show recently, it’s the one bike I would love to try out the most.

I could just imagine myself going off on my adventures into the wilds with my tarp tent, shovel and axe and camping gear but have enough space to take my dog with me for company too. Yes my golden retriever would just about fit in the sidecar, so it would be the perfect choice…I think I will have to try one out soon.

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