Harley Davidson Softail Rear Fender Gap Fix

If you own a new M8 Softail motorcycle from Harley Davidson, you may notice that beneath the seat can get very dirty and muddy especially after riding in the rain. This means the mono shock and electrics as well as the frame and seat are covered in dirt and this is caused by a rear fender that is designed too short and there is a gap between the end of the fender and then behind the battery housing and screen.

This template allows you to effectively block the hole and help to prevent most if not all of the road grime from being splashed onto this area. What compounds the problem is if you ride in the winter months on treated roads, then this whole area can be unprotected against corrosion damage.

You will need to remove the seat and insert a material that is the size of the template and secure it in place. The template is a rough guide and it may require some trimming for your particular bike or you may need to make a slightly bigger version as there may be slight differences in the gap area between the various softail models.

Click here for the template.

HD Softail Rear Fender Gap Fix Template


Place the two pages end to end and tape together on the reverse side, then cut along the outer black line.



Watch the video for an explanation and fitting instructions.