What happened to Harley Davidson CVO Trikes?

Recently announced were the two brand new CVO models coming on June the 7th, that being the CVO Road Glide and CVO Street Glide to companion the CVO Road Glide Limited for the 120th celebrations…however there have been mutterings in the ether and questions being asked what ever happened to the CVO Trike?

Currently in the UK, only the Freewheeler and Tri Glide Ultra are available, whilst in the USA, Harley Davidson did release in January the Road Glide 3.

In 2022 in multiple markets, Harley Davidson did have the CVO Tri Glide…but no more? Or is this yet another motorcycle model that will be drip fed into 2023?

Trikes, let alone the CVO Trikes are some of the most expensive Harley Davidson motorcycles that are on offer from the American motorcycle manufacturer. The current price for the Freewheeler starts at £31,495, whilst the Tri Glide Ultra comes in at a starting price of £38,795. If a CVO were to be offered, you could easily add another £10K onto that…or maybe more.

The big question here is whether there is a customer base big enough to warrant the sale of a CVO Trike. How many are sold on an annual basis? One can only imagine if would only be a handful and I dare say most of those will be in the USA and Canada with their big wide open spaces and spacious roads that make riding Trikes a much more viable option for many.

Trikes are certainly not only for those with mobility, strength or balance issues…although they certainly help in that regard. Actually there is a big following in the trike world who just like them for what they are. However will the prohibitive costs be a factor this year or are we seeing a kind of ‘gap year’ in the H-D arsenal?

There have been some vague rumours or rather prophecies that the American brand is likely to launch of volley of new models come 2024 and the CVO Trike will be part of that batch. Of course I am referring to those motorcycles offered for sale in their primary markets. Many brand new models suffer a delay in reaching other markets, so a brand new CVO Road Glide for 2023 may indeed be a new model in 2024 for some markets.

Will we see the CVO Trike this year…it’s doubtful! But then again Harley Davidson do have a habit of surprising it fanbase from time to time…and now only time will tell.

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