Using Chat GPT for Blogs & Scripts? Does it work?

So all the chatter recently has been the growth and use of Chat GPT. The AI software that can generate text in any style you wish and for whatever medium you wish to use it in.

Whether it’s for writing scripts, stories or blog posts, simply sign up to Chat GPT, ask it to write something about something…and it will generate a response…based upon the data that it has amassed up to the end of 2021 and counting. However, whilst it is alarming good at producing content, there is a major flaw with it…right now!

If you want to write a fact based article or a puff piece about an existing person, company or product then it is excellent at producing words, sentences and paragraphs that make perfect sense but what it does not do is give your opinion, nor can it give projections.

It cannot do the research you might need to write a new piece of written work. Instead it draws upon the data that it has to producing something that resembles what could be written and it is accurate as long as it relates to past events and not upon interpretation.

I recently tried using Chat GPT and there are three blog posts on this website now almost totally produced by Chat GPT…and it is obvious to me that they are not my voice and they are not necessarily factually accurate either…or rather emphasis might be placed on aspects not yet fully developed or materialised.

The major use for Chat GPT right now is for students to exploit to write essays for homework, course work or exams. It can also be used as a gauge to what to write too. If you’re unsure how and what to write then merely asking Chat GPT to generate a response might be what you need to inspire you to write. Also let’s not forget that right now it is somewhat intriguing to know what levels it can achieve and it is quite fun, as long as you don’t rely upon it.

When using it for essays, books, blog posts or writing scripts for videos, tv or film it lacks that one vitally important quality and that is the individual creation of words and sentences. When I write I have my own cadence and I use varying styles for different blog posts. I can hear my voice in every word and I believe in every sentence, but when I read a response from Chat GPT, whilst very good at some level, it also is like a reading from a stranger.

Apparently Chat GPT 4.0…or whatever the next level is, will be the one to watch out for, but right now it’s a bit of fun and a starting point if you get stuck but it can’t replicate your individual intention, albeit it can replicate a style of writing or the style of a famous person which is funny in itself too.

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