The Hydrogen Bike Is Nigh | Kawasaki Future Bikes

The future of motorcycling has long been thought to be programmed with EV bikes but silently and surely there have been alternative plots and schemes to propel motorcycles on the roads of the near future.

Much work has been going into Bio Fuels for existing engines or future motors specifically designed to run on green gas. There has also been much made of synthetic fuels and how that could feature in the future battle against the use of fossil fuels.

Now Kawasaki have revealed a concept for hydrogen fuelled motorcycles and filed trademark names for hydrogen motorcycles and logos too.

Whilst it was originally conceived last year, it is only now that there appears to be a greater enthusiasm to develop the infrastructure to produce and store the hydrogen for automotive use.

The technology to use hydrogen as a fuel is not new but new compact engines are in the making. However it is the delivery of the hydrogen fuel that problematic. Hydrogen readily expands into gaseous form which becomes volatile and explosive, so it needs to be compressed in liquid form.

This liquid form needs to be held under pressure in fuel cells or interchangeable canisters which can be carried on board the vehicle and this is where Kawasaki have a plan for their hydrogen fuelled bikes. Lets see how this comes together in years to come.

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