Suzuki Shut Down Motorcycle Plant

Suzuki motorcycles in Pakistan have been forced to shut down their assembly plant for motorcycles, whilst the car fa tory remains open.

In a long running saga, Suzuki cite the reasoning for a shortage of parts and accessories for its motorcycle models. Suzuki, of course are not alone in dealing with global shortages or delays from supply chains. Harley Davidson were forced to close their US plant for two weeks due to supply chain issues and verification of source materials.

For Suzuki, this problem had been muted a few weeks ago, however it was thought that the company had overcome the supply shortcomings, however this shut down may be the regrouping the company needs.

The plant is now set to close from the 20th – 31st March with any delay in reopening not expected. Suzuki had been doing very well in the last few months, just as the other big three Japanese brands especially those dealing with small cc bikes.

Suzuki had sold over 27,000 bikes in the last year from the plant and this was an increase of 13% on the previous year. The shut down will certainly have a knock on effect in annual production and ultimate sales…how much so is yet to be seen.

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