Rieju Marathon AC SM 125 Project Build

Rieju is a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer (Now owned by Piaggio of Italy) of small displacement engine bikes mostly in the off road category however they also have some road only bikes too.

I had liked their bikes for some time and always wanted a small cc trail bike to go rip some trails when I felt the need, but also wanted to get into a challenging project build again.

So I set about finding the cheapest Rieju I could find. One that was a little worse for wear and tear but I knew could be resurrected to some form of road and trail capability.

After scouring the local ads and online sources, I eventually found a Rieju Marathon 125 Air Cooled Supermotard on Facebook Marketplace which I was able to strike a deal on. Although the price was acceptable for me at the time, in reality when I picked up the bike it would require a lot more work than I had originally assumed, so you might say the £500 I paid was too much considering the amount of money that it would take to make it road going again.

So this page will provide links to the playlist of videos of the full build and final review as well as photos and information resources too. I will add a simple spreadsheet at the end to give you an idea of how much the total project cost, but be under no illusion…these are cheap bikes to buy in the first instance, so the value of the bike would probably be less than the money spent on it overall…as most projects are!

Rieju Marathon AC SM 125 Project Build Playlist

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