This page is dedicated to completed, ongoing and upcoming projects for the channel and website in order to bring more content either on the website blog or on YouTube videos.

There will be more projects bike builds in the future and they will be listed below. There are also ongoing upgrades to workshop equipment and video/audio production too. This all comes at a cost and any support is gratefully received via my funding site on Paypal

I am also still very much looking for a work space for a studio/workshop but also to hold events and be it a hang out place for anyone riding bikes or scooters or just generally interested in motorcycling and/or how the videos are made. I also want to introduce a shop/cafe at the site too but this might be phased in over time.

There has been some movement on this however it also requires a sizeable investment and financial commitment in order to make it pay for itself and to keep it going, so any help and support via the Paypal link would be greatly appreciated.

There are other projects for the channel in the planning stage too, so you can be guaranteed of more content in the future and more diverse, immersive and community based too.

Thanks for all your support and interest. Cheers

Project Builds

Harley Davidson Hardtail Chop

Kawasaki 650/750 Moriwaki

Rieju Marathon 125