Opibus Electric Motorcycle Opibus 2022

According to Opibus Electric Motorcycles

Our electric motorcycle has a specially tailored powertrain for optimal durability without added cost. The system has two large removable batteries connected to an intelligent battery management system that outputs the right power at the right time. With a tailored screen that shows the driver all information vitale to get a smooth experience, no matter where or when they may be driving.

The headlight is a powerful LED – light that increases visibility and energy efficiency, making the motorcycle safer and a far superior experience. You can charge the motorcycle at a normal wall outlet or swap the battery in a matter of seconds, meaning downtime can be kept to a minimum.

An electric motor is different from a conventional petrol engine in the way that it has instant torque. This means as soon as you accelerate the power is outputted and acceleration is instant. This means there is great power and speed in the motorcycle, perfect for city or off-road riding. Additionally the motorcycle has no clutch or gears which creates an easier more intuitive motorcycle that anyone can ride.

Our vehicle is built, developed and designed for and in Africa. This means we have optimised production to cater for the very needs of the product. Our philosophy is that the best possible product for a market also has to be created, built and designed in that market.


  • Power8650 W
  • Torque185 Nm
  • Top Speed90 km/h
  • Acceleration
    0-90 km/h5 sec
  • Range (Dual Battery)160 km
  • Battery Capacity2x 2.9 kWh
  • Payload150 kg

Battery – Nominal Voltage 72 V
Lithium Ion NMC
Weight 18 kg
IP64 RatedDriving Functions

Driving Functions – Lockable Storage Compartment (Personal Items & Charger)
LED headlights & indicators
Regenerative Braking and Rear / Front Drum Brake
Mid-Drive Motor with 14/45 Sprocket Configuration

Software – Remote and fleet management systems for motorcycle & battery
Mobile Payment Solutions
3 inch TFT display

Charging – Max Charging Power 6.6 kW
Quickest Charging Time 2,5 h
Swapping Stations for Instant Recharge / Public Charging
Max Charge Current 15A 1000W AC Charging From Any Socket
Portable Charger Included 500W (2m Cable Anderson Connector)



Price from: $1,300

Full details and more photos at Opibus Motorcycles

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