Hey all. Hope you will be having a great 2022. As for the Youtube channel and website, there are going to be some big changes coming.

Of course it will still be motorcycle themed but there will be a change in focus.

You may have noticed that the website has undergone some big changes over the last month and this evolution will continue as it becomes a general information hub for motorcycle enthusiasts where you can search for motorcycle models and links to manufacturers, motorcycle accessories and workshop equipment.

The members area is open and there will be specific content produced for members to enjoy as well as participate in too. This is a way to get involved and help support the growth of the channel.

As for the YouTube channel…I have been quite open with the idea that things needed to change and to produce content that not only the subscribers would want to watch but also engage with a new audience too.

It has been quite evident that over the last year general views have dramatically reduced whilst the amount of videos produced increased towards the last couple of months too. The amount of work and time dedicated to producing content that isn’t being watched has really been the lead reason to want to change things up.

So the first thing to change will be the amount of videos being released each week. This will change from daily videos to maximum of two per week. Perhaps even one per week as I focus efforts on producing content that is enjoyable to make and also follows my biking interests too.

The Harley Davidson information, service and ‘how to’ videos will stop for now, but my Harley will still feature as I ride it around too. So the videos will change from direct information streams to more lifestyle and observational videos too. Yes if I come across something worthy to share then I may include it in passing but it won’t be a full explanation of ‘how to’

I will also be riding other makes of motorcycle this year too and making it much more of enjoying the motorcycle riding experience rather than being about a specific manufacturer too. I feel much more comfortable talking from an independent point of view rather than being led to make videos about only one bike or one manufacturer. So you can expect more motorcycle experience and reviews coming form all sorts of motorcycles.

Another observation I have picked up on is that my YouTube channel hasn’t really been about ‘Me’ and my personal likes or places I like to go too and the rides that I like to take. Much of that has been down to personal circumstances, work and Covid but some changes have been made now, so you can expect much more to come in the future.

Lastly, I plan to be much more liberal, experimental and expressive with the type of content I produce and also how I produce it too. All the changes I will be making to the channel are not to chase views or be some kind of click bait but mostly to bring something new and start building from the ground up again.

For those of you who have been following my channel already, don’t worry as there will still be lots of things to dig into as well. I am also planning on putting some of the H-D or workshop specific content in the members area on the website only too.

So there you have it. There will be a break at the start of January from content on the YouTube channel and social media and the repeated blogs posts too, but come mid to late January it will restart again.

I hope to see you there.