Livestream, Video Podcast Radio Show!

So on the YouTube channel I have been doing more Live shows recently and picking up on the hot topics of the day…well whatever comes to mind at least.

I really like the Live format especially the realtime interaction with anyone wishing to comment in the chat section and it is the perfect way to deliver the latest news that I’m interested in but also have discussions on wider subjects too.

I am planning more shows on a regular basis. If I had a consistent work pattern, I would likely do a regular time and day of the week slot, but that isn’t likely to happen right now, but just keep watching out for the notifications and come join.

I’ll try to post ahead of time on the socials too to let you know when I’m doing them but suffice to say these will be light hearted, news and discussion type shows. They could be a livestream! They could be a video podcast! They could also be a radio show…to be honest I’m not sure what you would call them, but perhaps a mix of all.

New show coming soon

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