Changes Coming

As I posted on the main YouTube channel, there will be many videos between now and Christmas to feed off. They are already made and ready for publishing.

In 2024 there will be some big changes coming not only on the @RevelatorAlf YouTube channel but also developing further the @OnMeEdSun YouTube Channel too.

The website will also be affected too as I work on new projects, methods and styles.

At the end of 2022 I promised I would give 12 months to see if what I have been doing has any legs anymore. There have been some high points with the website being recognised as a News website too, however for the most part the YouTube channels have had low views but subscribers gradually increasing.

So with this in mind, continuing in the same manner seems pointless. So a new approach is required and new content is being developed that will match where many of my interests lay. There will still be motorcycle and sports content over the two channels but it requires a much improved response in order for me to continue…and my accountant would agree too.

So until then, enjoy all the content coming and stay tuned for more news for 2024.

Thanks all

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