Few changes made on the website to ease finding info. Am working on a series of service & fault fix videos to be published in the coming months but actually wondering whether I should or not. Would you prefer to see service videos or more riding videos? As for news and information type videos…what are your thoughts on those? I never claim in videos that it is factual moreover it is rumour or it’s a confidential source that has sent me some latest info to relay. Whether it turns out to be true are always yet to be seen. Some don’t seem to understand that is all these are and they are not necessarily my opinion nor am I the source of this information either regardless if I stipulate it in the video.

As for the channel memberships…I have closed that down as the support for it just wasn’t there. The membership on the website is still available for inside news, behind the scenes and early view videos but mainly I have set that up to enable anyone to have the inside track and help support the platform and the content produced. However, the support for the membership area has not been that successful either so I will review that in the near future too.

I would love to share the aspirations I have for the channel and website, and also the goals I have set myself…but I am also a realist too. I still get new subscribers but also lose them too. Most of my videos are getting lower watch figures than last year and I have seen a gradual decline in interest for the content I have produced and the information I have tried to share, so it might be time for a change of pace and direction too.

I will continue for a while longer but I may do a lot less information or bike tech content and more riding and general motorbike discussion topics videos from next month onwards. I do hope to bring more product reviews too and more giveaways should the opportunity arise.

I’d just like to thank all the supporters of the channel and website and continued subscribers too. It really means a lot to get positivity back from you and also know that the videos I have made have helped or entertained a little too. I may make a video in due course to explain what’s been going on behind the scenes but I thought I would just write this down as a start.
Cheers all.