Tomorrow will be 4yrs since I started this YouTube channel and recently broke through 10K subs which was great and thanks for all the support along the way.

Although I had a couple of other YouTube channels in the past, which I didn’t really focus on, this was the first time that I saw how it could develop as time went by, to what it has now become. I never thought it would grow like it has and I gave myself this one final year to get to 10K at the very least. So I have achieved that and once again thank to everyone who has watched the videos and subscribed too.

There will be daily content coming out until the end of the year but then there will be some big changes that just had to be made in order for the channel and website to grow further still. I’ll be making the announcement soon but suffice to say there will be a lot going on behind the scenes before making more videos again. Hopefully you’ll like what I come up with and it helps to reach an even wider audience too. Cheers

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