MV Agusta Brand New Bikes Coming 2024

Supreme motorcycle manufacturer, MV Agusta are set to release a whole new series of motorcycles for 2024…and it can’t come soon enough.

Already in their impressive stable of bikes is the Brutale, Dragster, Turismo Veloce, Fe, Superveloce and the Lucky Explorer however some earlier teased motorcycle concepts and different engines is sure to set the tongues wagging very soon indeed.

Reports are suggesting that Brutale and Dragster are set for a 950cc engine, that which is already in the very impressive ADV bike; Lucky Explorer but will be super tuned for the road.

Also being made at the ready are the concept bikes from earlier last year. The Roadster 921 and the Superveloce 1000, the latter producing some 200hp at your fingertips.

Each of the motorcycles will come in the MV Agusta accustomed variants, which will offer potential buyers a bike more suited to their aspirations and riding styles too.

The Lucky Explorer and the SV800 are also set for some limited edition treatment presumably celebrating 25years since their relaunching too.

The refinement of the MV Agusta bikes certainly make them appealing. Perhaps not to the masses but they have a strong following around Europe and the USA, with the USA being targeted for nine new model/model variant releases in 2024 with specifications already filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States.

So another Italian motorcycle brand is set to make waves for the coming year. MV-Agusta has recently been reported to have teamed up with Chinese manufacturer QJ Motor to supply the engines for the 1000RR hyper sports bike ready to dish out 200hp. Whether this will only be for the Chinese market is yet unclear, but the Italian brand is very clear on what it intends to bring to the party next year…and it seems to be delicious too.

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