Motorcycles that need to be ridden in 2022

Ok so we’re firmly into 2022 and I have started to make my wish list for the coming year…not so much a list of bikes I want to buy, although that would be nice…but rather a list of bikes that I really feel the need to go ride for the first time or go try again.

So the very first bike is actually a bike a sidecar unit. Yes it is the Ural Gear Up or I believe in other countries it might be known as The Ranger. Basically it is old Russian tech with a modern twist and tweaks but it is something that I feel I need to do.
If you ever watched the 1985 movie; Turk 182, well the main character rode a sidecar bike and I thought it was very cool then, and still do today.

So the next bike I want to ride is the Royal Enfield Himalayan. I test rode it last year and the funny thing is that I have not been able to stop thinking about it ever since. It seems to be the perfect blend of budget riding, pondering performance and go anywhere ability which is exactly what I like in my bikes these days…and for the longest time too actually. This may indeed be the next bike I tide to own, so watch this space.

The next two bikes are from BMW; The K1600B and the R1250RT. Both are exceptional tourers with the RT possibly being more suited for a daily commute.

I test rode the 2020 RT before the updates on 2021 and thought then it would be very hard to be, but I am told the K1600 is another level.

I have already introduced myself to the nearby BMW Motorrad dealership so hopefully I will be able to give both a test ride in March when the new K1600 becomes available in the UK.

The next one is the Honda Super Cub C125. I have love the C range of bikes for years, ever since I was a boy and has always been a firm favourite of mine. Not only because of the million unit + that have been sold around the world but it is a simple utility bike that has been the workhorse and play thing for some many people time and time again…and I just love it. So it is definitely on my hit list because oddly enough I have not tried the C125 since it was released.

Of course, there are multiple other bikes or all sizes and uses that I have my eye on for this year and all may be contenders for a new ride too but make sure you check the YouTube channel for future videos and my experiences with these bikes too. They will reviews but much more of an experience and fun element to them, so hopefully much more to enjoy.

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