Motorcycle Hacks

Welcome to the motorcycle hacks page. Here you will find solutions to everyday motorcycling needs using unusual remedies and products. Don’t forget the check YouTube/RevelatorAlf channel for all video demonstrations too or click the links below. More items coming so be sure to check back and subscribe on YouTube and click the notifications bell to be notified of all future content too.

Motorcycle Cleaning

There are many official motorcycle cleaning and polishing products on the market which can amount to a considerable investment, however there are many household products which can be used to remove dirt, grease, tar, oil and also bring your vehicle to a perfect shine too. Here is a list of ideas to consider with video links:

Bottle Brush Set – To clean tight spaces

Spout Brush Set – To clean tubing or casing bores

Toilet Brush – To clean wheels and frames

Washing Powder Detergent – For general vehicle washing

Washing Up Liquid – For general vehicle washing and degreaser

Furniture Polish Spray – General vehicle polishing

Oven Cleaner – For parts cleaning of difficult to remove dirt, grime or grease

Coca-Cola Cans – For cleaning rust and releasing seized hardware

Elbow Degreaser – General household degreaser for parts or motorcycle engine.

Silver Polish Liquid – A non abrasive domestic metal chrome polish for your motorcycle tins

Motorcycle Servicing

When you own a motorcycle, the chances are that you’ll start to perform regular maintenance on it relatively soon. Tools and workshop equipment can be expensive, however there are solutions that can be easier to find and will cost a lot less too. Here is a list of ideas to consider with video links:

GORILLA Grab Adhesive – To fix components together

Aluminium Foil Trays – To collect oils and fluids beneath a motorcycle during service

Margarine Tub – For storage and or small parts washer

Nut Cracker – An adjustable spanner or bolt head lock

Kitchen Funnel – For pouring oils, fluids and fuels into vehicle tanks or casings

Chef Aid Baster – To remove fluids or add fluids in small quantities

Rust Removal

There are many products available to buy to help to remove rust or at least the appearance of it temporarily, however there are many resources from within your home cupboards that may just as well. Below is a list to try out and have some fun with too.

Lemon or Lime Juice – These two fruits contain high levels of citric acid which brings them quite low in the pH score meaning they are acidic. They have a pH score of approx 2 – 2.6 so will work wonder for removing general stains, rust spots or cleaning surfaces. Rinse thoroughly with water afterwards to neutralise the acidity to prevent further damage to the surface wishing to be cleaned.

Coca Cola – Whilst this is acidic it is a mild rust remover and anti seizure liquid. Mixed with a scrubbing brush, you will be surprised at how much rust and stubborn grime can removed. Rinse with water after use.

Potatoes – This unlikely vegetable is a major surprise when it comes to cleaning and rust removal. It contains oxalic acid which is highly effective. Rub over the rusted area or place over and leave for a period of time. Crush/Mash raw and pack around an item, then after a couple of hours, scrub away and wash to see how much has been removed. It is highly effective at removing patina and surface rust. Try it with baking soda for extra effect.

Potatoes are also excellent at cleaning stubborn stains like watermarks on paintwork, but you should wash it off quickly. It is also mildly effective as a defog treatment for helmet visors too. (Shaving Foam is actually the best product to use) It is really good at cleaning chrome tarnish or tar spots on chrome too. Wash off with water soon afterwards too.

Vinegar – White vinegar is a great solution for removing rust in all areas as it is highly acidic but be careful not to damage the surface. If in doubt, dilute it with water 50/50 first or 25/75 and try it out. It is also a great surface cleaner too. Thoroughly rinse with water soon afterwards too. For deep seated rust on small components, try soaking the item in a small vinegar bath, leave for a couple of hours and return to rinse off with wash whilst scrubbing. This works wonders.

Tomato Ketchup – this red, sugary and acidic sauce is very effective as removing rust spot or submerging items in to remove deep seated rust. Leave a couple of hours then rinse off and scrub with water to see how good it is. You may need to repeat the process but it does work and is highly effective at removing surface rust on panels or exhausts too but you’ll need to rinse off with water quite quickly.

Baking Soda – Mix with water to form a paste and scrub the rusted items clean. However take note that this is an abrasive so should only be used for rust removal of any surface which will then be retreated or painted.

Black Treacle ( Blackstrap Molasses) – mix this with some water and apply to the affected area or best result submerge the item in the mixture for a couple of hours, then scrub clean afterwards. Repeat as necessary and will work wonders for surface rust items.

WD-40 – This all purpose spray works wonders for general cleaning, degreasing and rust removal as well as a penetrating fluid and 1001 other uses too. If you really need to buy a product, then buy this first and it works on so many different levels.