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The current off road network for motorcycles in the UK is highly restrictive and many byways have been closed or restricted over recent years. In fact many byways are not maintained at all and are largely impassable too, even for motorcycles. Many are overly used by heavier machines thus creating deep ruts making riding cumbersome if not precarious too.

For many years I have noted that the network of bridleways in the UK are not overly used and would make perfect trail riding routes for respectful and responsible riders, thus allowing greater access into the countryside and bringing more tourism too without a negative impact on the environment…if adopted properly.

I propose a government petition to allow motorcycles onto UK bridleways under strict conditions in order gain access but also to operate in harmony with existing users too.

The proposal would be with the following conditions.

  1. Only road legal motorcycles
  2. Maximum speed of 15-20mph
  3. Maximum engine RPM of 2000
  4. Prohibition of off road/Motocross motorcycles and any loud exhausts
  5. Access only between 1st May – 1st Oct
  6. Riders must give way to all other bridleways users.
  7. Riders must stop and shut off the motorcycle engine when approaching horses and horse riders on bridleways
  8. Potentially a permit system which should be displayed on the bike or on the rider as a method to assist policing the access.
  9. No stunt riding or manoeuvres of any kind
  10. The bridleways must be treated as slow riding trails. Riders must be responsible and respectful to protect the trail environment at all times.


I am in the process of filing a petition at the moment and in due course I will post a link where anyone can sign it to. At least there might be a motion to have it discussed in a sensible manner within the corridors of power, however unlikely it may be considered.