LiveWire set up AirWave Software Updates

Harley Davidson spin off company; LiveWire who produce electric motorcycles are now embarking on over the air software update capability.

LiveWire have joined forces with Airbiquity OTAmatic Software Management Platform in order for this functionality to become a reality. Airbiquity who are already market leaders in this technology type and service other manufacturers, are thought to be the perfect partner for the future of the LiveWire brand.

LiveWire have only continued with the LiveWire One motorcycle in the market place whilst the S2 Del Mar has yet to hit the streets. So whilst this is future proofing themselves, it is hardly technology for the mass produced units that LiveWire will sell.

Indeed since the company were floating on the NYSE last autumn, their sales have been quite small. Whilst they have just released information that both the LiveWire One and the S2 Del Mar will be sold in Europe at selected LiveWire dealerships…which are merely housed within existing Harley Davidson dealerships…the issue is still whether the technology is really warranted considering the numbers of units that will be sold…but then again we are talking about the future potential and what other product the company will likely develop.

The big question on many people’s minds will be how secure this OTA system is and can it be interfered with. Well apparently very secure and there are protocols in place to make these impenetrable from those without authorisation…but if history has taught us anything…is that nothing is without frailty…

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