Kawasaki Moriwaki Z650/750 Build

I managed to get the deal of the century on a Kawasaki Z650 chassis and Z750 engine but everything was in pieces in boxes, but it was supposed to be a Moriwaki bike.

For those of you who do not know but Mamoru Moriwaki is a Japanese motorcycle tuner who was once employed and allied with Hideo Yoshimura. However they went their separate ways in the early 70’s and Moriwaki started Moriwaki Engineering modifying engines and frames for Kawasaki bikes in racing applications. Later he would start to produce performance parts for Kawasaki models but also other brands too.

So the first order of business was to get the pile of parts back to my workshop and work out what I had actually bought and indeed if there were any Moriwaki parts on it. This would determine whether I rebuilt it in the Moriwaki style or went in another direction. The only indication at first glance was that the tank had been painted in Moriwaki racing colours…but that was about it.

I will be making content on the YouTube channel soon and there will be links to the playlist and any other information below.

More info coming soon.