Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury | Internet Confirmation Bias

So tonight there is a little fight with a huge audience between two novices in the combat sport of boxing, however one has been boxing since a teenage and the other only started a few years ago as a YouTube boxer but has steadily improved.

The whole internet and boxing world has been seduced by this fight but the reality is that it is a non fight in terms of technicality. If it didn’t involved a YouTube star in Jake Paul and his opponent, Tommy Fury, wasn’t the brother of world heavyweight champion; Tyson Fury…then this combat would go unnoticed.

However times have changed. Influencer boxing is gaining incredible popularity because it involves internet stars or potential mainstream famed people who want to get into a boxing ring and try their luck against another equally notorious influencer. Their fans are engaged and will watch every moment and dissect every minutia of detail and profess to know all about boxing…but their knowledge is largely raw and based upon these ‘YouTubers’ getting in the ring and not real amateur or pro boxers, albeit they are learning fast.

Jake Paul is an oddity though in that he has taken a shine to boxing and wants to improve. He has been criticised for calling out big names in boxing or MMA, but has never fought a boxer, well now he has in Tommy Fury…but is this a stiff enough test for him?

The internet is a wash with opinion and mostly in video comments section where JP fans blankly state that Paul will win…but without offering any reasoning for it. Those in the pro boxing world have stated that Fury should win. However as the fight has drawn nearer, there is more support from pro boxers for Paul who acknowledge that both fighters are novices and it could go either way.

However, I see Fury as a technical boxer and levels above that of what Paul has ever shown. Also his natural fighting pedigree both in and out of the ring from the Travelling community at large, cannot be underestimated…but Paul does not have that.

Paul is only interested in picking fights with bigger household names and that can legitimise his pro boxing journey. He isn’t interested in picking 50/50 fights with unknown fighters who might dethrone his aspirations. If he loses to Fury, then he still wins in popularity and his journey continues with other influencers, but a loss for Fury will likely mean the end of his pro boxing career.

‘The Truth’ as the event has been called will tell us for sure who is the better boxer and fighter. There are no absolutes prior to any fight but just a basic analysis of how Fury moves, slips and rolls and works with the jab and levels above a one trick pony that Paul is with a big over hand right, should be enough to tell you what you need to know.

This fight could be over dramatically quickly or it could take a few rounds where Fury should take Paul to school. Logically there cannot be any other outcome. However the stars may align for a Paul win…anything can happen in boxing after all.

One thing is for certain and has been highlighted by this crossover fight and prior influencer boxing bouts, is that the boxing world and pro boxers really need to pay attention to what is going on in this spin off combat sport. The audience are not so concerned with fighting technique but more in the story of two well known personalities getting it on.

Pro boxers and promoters need to up their personalities and public personas to be able to match the influencer scene in order to quash the crossover bouts becoming a regular occurrence.

The ‘problem child’ Paul has created a…well a problem for the boxing community. By his repetitive name calling and petulance, he is attracting the wrath and greed of ex pro boxers who would like nothing more than to fight him for a big purse. This is where the brakes need to be applied as somebody could get really hurt.

An aging pro boxer may feel they are more than equipped to tackle a young upstart, but being out of shape and out of the ring or effective sparring could easily mean a disappointing defeat or worse permanent physical or mental damage.

Anyone, whether pro or amateur entering a ring and underestimating their opponent can be found out. Paul may want to call out the big names in boxing, like some annoying drunk hurling abuse in the corner of a pub but most people just trying to ignore him. He has nothing to lose really, but the pro boxers, especially those retired for some time would need to be serious and training properly before entering the ring with the likes of Paul.

Personally I would love to see Fury teach Paul a big lesson, or any pro or ex pro to do the same thing. That the so called ‘white collar’ boxers should stay in their lanes and leave the real fighting to the bonafide boxers. However this whole saga does show that but sides need to learn a lot from each other.

May the best man win…as long as it is Fury…for the sake of true boxing fans!

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