Husqvarna & KTM Give Breakdown Cover for Life!

Both KTM and Husqvarna have announced in recent days that they will offer a lifetime cover for breakdowns on any of their street motorcycles as long as the motorcycles are serviced at any one of their approved service centres.

Essentially this applies to new bikes or even used bikes (with or without service history). If the owner takes their bikes in for a service, they will be enrolled in the breakdown cover plan for twelve months. It can only be renewed for another 12 months when the bike is serviced again by them.

The cover is available to UK customers and maybe pushed out for other countries too, however for UK customers there will be a 24hr hotline to call and this will extend for over Europe travel too.

The plan covers the following: breakdowns, theft, damage from attempted theft or vandalism, and fire. Also there is road side repairs, towing, storage, key service, and sourcing replacement parts.

If any breakdown cannot be repaired on the roadside then the plan also covers the bike, ride and passenger to be taken to an approved service centre or home whichever is preferred, so in line with standard breakdown cover plans.

However as with custodial sentences…life does always mean life! Both companies have a limit. Single pot engine bikes have 60,000km or 8yrs limit. Twin pot engine bikes have 80,000km or 8yrs limit.

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