How to buy a Harley Davidson watch! I didn’t though!

So I was in the market to buy a new watch as mine trusty timepiece finally bought the farm. It would show the correct time…but never where I was! So not very helpful.

So I decided to see how much…or rather how little I could get a fancy Harley Davidson watch to match my motorcycle…and to my surprise, the motor company sold them within their gift section and they weren’t outrageously expensive, however I thought I could better.

Harley Davidson UK – Men’s Iconic Fat Boy Watch Gold – £195

So I started to do the usual online search and found a couple of options on Amazon…which I ended up going with…but the choice may disappoint you however there is method in my madness.

The first option…

Harley-Davidson Easy Read Black Face Watch

Amazon £155

Harley Davidson Watch

The final option…which makes all the sense in the world to me…but it isn’t a Harley-Davidson watch however it is totally the H-D colours but just without the MoCo logo and at a fraction of the cost too.

Casio Mens Watch – Orange & Black. Easy Read and Analogue face. For the grand sum of £15.99

Not A Harley Davidson Watch

I am very content…

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