Hero Harley 440cc….is coming!

More spy photos have been coming out of India and close to the Hero proving grounds too.

These photos were ‘leaked’ whether officially or not, who is to say…to the press and bloggers alike but it does show many similarities with the Chinese Harley X350.

This is unsurprising as many thought this would be the case too but there does appear some differences and notably the engine which is said to be a 440cc single pot motor with oil cooling.

Other features a huge megaphone of an exhaust, presumably intended to warn off any chasing pack in the dust. There are machined wheels, upside front forks, twin rear shocks and disc brakes front and rear, however only a single disc for the front as opposed to the twin set up on the Chinese baby Harley.

Allegedly braking comes with dual channel ABS and a final chain drive toboot. A simple single round digital display as well as a left rear quarter bracket that is supposed to have some pragmatic cultural significance to prevent flowing clothing from getting snagged whilst riding.

The test photos that have been conveniently leaked here do show a bike that has a lot of traits of the aforementioned baby Harley from China but it also has it’s own presence too. Given that Harley Davidson will also insist or certainly encourage Hero to have as many H-D logos on it and this being the first Indian Harley Davidson in a longer lines of 10 bikes or so to come…then the future could look bright, albeit these pale noir images with soft focus and developed on silver nitrate papier-mâché would lead us to be slightly more reserved in our expectations at this stage.

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