Harley Parley

This page is dedicated to Harley Davidson discussion topics and information about the Milwaukee 8 engines and Softail models, especially the HD Sport Glide FLSB. Daily videos and content is being produced on the YouTube Channel: RevelatorAlf so please check that out for all the latest info and discussion topics.

There will also be a weekly Live Stream on the channel to discuss any updates to the channels, podcasts and website as well as resources and merchandise too, however the bulk of the Live Stream will be to discuss any latest updates and information on the Softail models and especially the Sport Glide too.

The purpose of this page and much of the content is to share as much information to existing and potential Harley owners as possible but also offer an opportunity for anyone to contribute news and information to the topic areas being developed.

If you would like to discuss a particular issue with the HD Sport Glide or Softail model in general, or would like to ask any questions, please feel free to send a message via the Contact page.

Currently under development is a HD Sport Glide ‘Faults & Fixes’ document which you can freely view but also contribute to with any new faults and fixes of your own by merely emailing in your details and the relevant information as appropriate to the document.

Click here to download Harley Davidson Softail Sport Glide – Known Faults & Fixes

Click here to download Harley Davidson Softail 2020 Tyre Specs