Harley-Davidson Wheel changes 2022

As the new model motorcycles are starting to be revealed for 2022 from Harley-Davidson, we’re starting to note the subtle differences and some of the more stark changes.

Most notable of all are the wheel designs for some bikes and perhaps they could be a winning change too.

The Softail Standard and Street Bob go from spoked wheels to Annihilator cast aluminum…Silver and Black respectively.

The Fat Boy changes from solid wheels to semi solid with gaps on the perimeters which should allow for more airflow travel too.

Whilst the Heritage Classic gets the gloss black, 9-spoke cast aluminum wheels with the spoke wheels as an option depending on spec choice.

The jury is still out on whether this is a good look for this style ride and more associated with a modern ride and looks slightly out of place for the vintage looking bike however it gives it a more bulked out and moody appearance so it gets the thumbs up from me.

There appear to be minimal changes in the touring line up apart from spoke numbers and some changes on the CVOs but overall the touring section is a quiet affair this year so far.

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