Harley Davidson To Release 975cc Engine 2022?

The talk of the motorcycle town is what will Harley-Davidson surprise us with during their model launch in January 2022.

Much talk has been about new motorcycle models, potential new Icon models and what Softail and Tourer changes are coming…what size Milwaukee Eight engines will feature too.

However, the Revolution Max engine that is found in the Pan America and the Sportster S, is widely accepted as being the new future of the company and will likely feature more and more in future models.

Some has surmised that this 1250cc engine might find it’s way into the Softail and Tourer line up at some point during 2022 or possibly into 2023, but most have ignored the greatest potential of this engine…and that is its design and ability to come in different engine size variants.

Whilst there is much chatter on new model designations and names, the one glaring change that is staring in the face is whether the Pan America and the Sportster S will now be offered with a 975cc Revolution Max engine?

This 975cc engine was also earmarked for the fabled Bronx, which really has an open door to be launched this time and could show the world what a sportier tuned 975cc engine could do in this motorcycle space and what it could mean for the Pan America and Sportster, should the company decide to go that route.

Unless the company are looking at a chassis change to make a physically smaller Pan America, it is unlikely the 975cc will feature so early in the ADV bike however the Sportster S is a totally different proposition where the bike is ripe for this kind of engine size and can reclaim the entry level purchase into the brand that has been lost since the original Sportster became emissions obsolete.

Would you like to see a 975cc engine in the Pan America and the Sportster? I certainly would as both bikes offering different engine sizes makes them even more appealing to a wider customer base as would likely bring more non Harley-Davidson riders into the brand.

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