Harley-Davidson price rise! A Cost too far?

Whilst we await the full model line up for 2022, some rollover models have already been released and the prices have caused somewhat of a stir.

Early indicators suggest that prices have increased by 10% in some cases and possibly more elsewhere depending on the market you live, import duties and the price increase from the company themselves.

Of course the world is still reeling after the effects of Covid on supply chains and logistics but Harley-Davidson have been having parts and accessory supply issues way before this.

If we were to compare like for like prices from 10 years ago, then the relative prices have increased only slightly on some models but in any case we are still looking at £25K and rising for a new touring bike then add all the extras or modifications…it would be hard to justify the purchase without some kind of finance deal in place. Even then it would be hard pill to swallow.

The Softail line is still within reach for many but even the higher end specs bring the prices near £20K.

This is not merely a H-D issue as many motorcycle brands selling top end bikes have similar prices too but perhaps their technology and performance would warrant such a price tag?

Whilst some models have comparable price points to other brands, that fact remains that these are all expensive motorcycles to buy. The entry level is getting more competitive and riders are looking at great deal rides now that do not break the bank either.

So where does this leave a company like Harley-Davdison that doesn’t really sell entry level bikes at lower price points. Well it could be that their cash rich 40 something customer base may always be there…but times are a changing! Competition for this demographic is hotting up and perhaps better deals to be had.

In the same space, Indian have already gained some ground but BMW may be the next big contender too. H-D will always attract intrigue and some excitement but there is a limit where riders will consider the price, waiting times and falsely inflated demands to be a step too far.

Harley-Davdison are teetering on the edge. On one side is the abyss whilst the other is some kind of wonderful Nirvana. If they get it wrong and alienate those with bulging wallets or the finance sector changes adversely…or domestic economies reduce any cash surplus anyone might have through inflation, energy prices, taxation etc, then this could be the comeuppance that some have considered was only a matter of time.

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