Harley-Davidson New Performance Tourer?

Harley-Davidson have been criticised for their reluctance to upgrade their touring line up technology especially with power, suspension and brakes…however this could be about the change.

A leaked photo showing the touring option for the Low Rider S saw along side it a vastly different looking Road Glide performance tourer or bagger if you will.

The front mudguard looked to be cut back, the seat option was really a solo seat and the handlebars were different too. It would be difficult to make out any other differences from the poor quality photo but the reckoning is that if this is indeed a new company performance option from the factory then it might be with a 131ci engine and upgraded suspension at the very least.

Certainly the market has been crying out for this for a long time as riders will spend thousands modifying their Grand tourers into performance rides, so for Harley-Davidson to produce one already prepared by themselves…that might be a great option for those fearful of voiding any factory warranty but really looking for much improved performance, brakes and handling.

The American brand is usually slow but sure to follow trends and it has been doing it for years. It looks at what customers are riding, custom shops are producing, then eventually produces something of its own liking. This could be the time that they unveil this new touring option, whether as a limited number option or as a factory order option…which could mean a high profit margin for these class leading bikes.

If the company is really listening to its customer base and trying to get a closer connection too as per their Hardwire mission statement, then it would appear that this could very well be what will be unveiled on the 26th January.

What are you thoughts on this? What would be a fair price for a bike like this?

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