Harley-Davidson Grand American Tourer Sluggish Changes

When many people are looking towards Harley-Davidson for 2022 models line up and big changes, they might be a little disappointed with the goings on within the Touring models…well initially anyway.

Whilst some models are coming with LED headlights, others are still not it appears the biggest sloth move by the company has still not to change the suspension which is widely regarded as needing upgrading by many who choose to buy these bikes.

Of course the chassis could also do with an overhaul too and the existing suspension is perfectly adequate for general riding, it still falls way short when comparing to the other brand tourers available and certainly what is being offered in the aftermarket world too.

Whether you’re an Ohlins, Legend or Wilburs fan, the naked truth is that if you want that level of comfort that you need to expect or really should demand from a high value tourer or bagger…or that level of performance and adjustability on more demanding roads and rides, then the stock set up just comes up short.

When I rode the Street Glide a while ago, it was noticeably smoother than my Softail Sport Glide, however it still wasn’t as smooth as I thought it should have been. In fact after a few miles, it actually became the main feature of the bike that I would opt to change…I realised I was not alone in that opinion too.

Now, whilst the rollover models have arrived for 2022 in some dealerships, there still may be a surprise in store at the official product launch on 26th January. There could be tech and suspension upgrades coming but there could also be a new style tourer that is now being rumoured too.

Could this new tourer be the upgraded suspension package and will it be the one bike that steals the show and warps the sales figures this year. Well of course a lot will depend on the price point too. However, something that has been talked about for so long and most would agree is an upgrade needed before any engine stage change too, you would imagine that the company should finally start to listen and get a solution for this…if only for the meantime whilst we await the big changes planned for 2023.

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