Harley Davidson CVOs 2023 Leaked

It seems Harley Davidson can’t keep secrets anymore…well perhaps cannot control the leaks from their factories but the latest tells a tall tale.

Much to the bemusement of the Harley Davidson fandom, the company did not release any details of the 2023 CVOs in their January 18th launch reveal and still it remains a mystery.

However just recently a couple of photos were sneakily taken of the CVO Road Glide and CVO Street Glide with some interesting differences.

The CVO Road Glide get some general aesthetic changes and brand new fairing whilst the CVO Street Glide gets less obvious alterations.

However everyone want to know if the engine size and power is going to be bigger and whether this will trickle down into the 2024 bikes too.

Well the photos and the leaks show ‘121’ stamped on the engine casing. So this legitimately indicates that the engine size now increases from 117cubic inches to 121 cubic inches.

Many were hoping that the company would jump to a monster 131 cubic inch engine especially as the company have just released the 135cubic inch crate motor, but that appears to have not been the way the company wanted to go.

The Motor Company should be making an announcement very soon and the CVOs should be arriving in dealerships in no time at all…but what will the prices be?

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