Harley Davidson Cuts Models 2022 | New Bike Teaser for January?

As I reported back in early October 2021, the likely models to be cut from Harley-Davidson model line up for 2022 at the Iron 1200, Softail Slim and Sport Glide for the US market at least. It is also likely that the Electra Glide Standard for the US will be cut, although I didn’t mention it at the time as that hasn’t been sold in the UK for a couple of years.

Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that these models will be cut from all markets, note that the Sportsters were already cut from European markets some time ago for failing to meet emissions standards. However this is a strong indicator that the company are indeed thinning the herd somewhat.

At the time I made the speculation or rather merely reported the very fresh rumour, I was criticised in many quarters for giving out false information. Well it appears the spurious rumours did indeed hold some substance too and those detractors all seem rather quiet now. Funny that.

Much of the online and YouTube world has been dissecting the teaser video issued by the company ahead of their model launch and it certainly teases a new dimension for the company.

I already reported in a previous blog, the Revolution Max engine is going to be the big story again and potential new icons bikes too. Bigger engines for the tourers and CVOs especially but perhaps in the Softails and even a Revolution Max engine in a Softail?

However the Low Rider S has long been thought to be getting the ‘tourer’ makeover too and thus the Sport Glide’s demise could be the rising of the Low Rider S with fairing and bags. However, are we looking at a new model altogether? It certainly seems to be leaning in that direction at the moment.

Of course this is all speculation but it has logical foundations too, as with the culling of the bikes for the North American market and potentially elsewhere too.

Earlier last month there was the changes to the colour samples for next year and now it is the ability to pre order a motorcycle for 2022 on the US H-D site that tends to confirm what many have thought to be true and what some have never wanted to accept to be a possibility. Time will tell if any of this holds water.

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