Ace Cafe London – Anti Social Forced Closure

Ace Cafe London have just informed patron via their social media that they have been forced to shut their door on Friday evenings from 6pm due to continued anti social activity by some patrons or even just hang arounds.

Just like to park bench syndrome…if there is a place to sit, then ‘yoots’ will will loiter. When there is a central meeting place in the evening, at the start of the weekend…it will undoubtedly attract those who want to let loose.

The problem is that the letting loose is involving anti social and perhaps even illegal behaviour, so it comes as no surprise that the cafe are forced into this.

They, along with many cafes and bars have strict policies to make patrons refrain from driving or riding anti socially or illegally but of course they are not able to enforce anything. So it becomes the purview of the police and local authorities to put a stop to it.

And so the pressure builds upon the cafes until they are forced to close at certain time periods, much to the annoyance of those who do not cause a nuissance.

Since the announcement, it has been met with a mixed reaction but there is a majority in support and obviously recognise the sensitivity at hand. It is no surprise this has happened as the Ace Cafe has had ongoing issues with evening events for some time, so they can hardly be blamed for closing their doors in the attempt to prevent this from continuing. Shame it had to come to this though…

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