Who cares what motorcycles you hate? So what, you don’t like Harleys?

In an ever increased fashion, people are quick to tell you what they love and most notably hate. The online critics are all too enthusiastic in giving their opinions on what is a good motorcycle and what is a bad one.

Some just hate foe the sake of hating whilst others relate their disdain more towards the price tag of an item rather than the quality of that item in the first instance.

Take Harley-Davidson as a brand, motorcycle manufacturer and commands a loyal following from around the world. Whilst it could be argued that its popularity amongst the young has surely diminished over many years of price rises and changing fashion trends, it still is a force to be reckoned with in the biking world and especially those of the middle incomes and salaries in North America, Europe, Australia and to a lesser degree in other parts of the world.

Automotive technology is rolling on an ever increasing pace. Some manufacturers cannot seem to shake off the old time for old men labelling. Whilst others are more synonymous with the younger crowd.

It’s not that you hate a particular brand that is the issue, but rather the issue is that you feel obliged to tell me and anyone else in earshot that you hate it too…and mostly never having ridden or owned one either. Even if you have and it’s not to your taste, then the volley of abuse the bike and the rider may be subjected to is just plain stupidity.

Let’s see what you ride and what others might say about your bike and the manufacturer that made it?

Whether we like or don’t like a particular brand is irrelevant isn’t it? Isn’t it more important that we simply rejoice in the fact that others are experiencing a two wheeled lifestyle as well?

These days it is so easy to make derisory comments about anyone and anything without any regard for the consequences either. However the greatest weapon against any of these detractors is not fire to fight fire but rather water to dull such flames and temper such baiting.

So you don’t like Harleys! Who the hell cares!

Who cares what motorcycles you like, love and hate. That’s your business. And if you hate mine, then that’s fine with me too. Because I wouldn’t want to be admired by any raging self promoting c**ks***er either.

Keep your opinions civil and if you can’t then shut the hell up, because nobody is listening and everyone has long since turned their back on you. Your insults fall on deaf ears and you’re the hopeless twerp standing alone in the crowded room…

The end!

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