KTM – The latest company to reveal massive sales gains in 2021

Parent company; The Pierer Group, of KTM, Husqvarna, Gas Gas & Raymon have released their half yearly figures for 2021 showing a 95% increase in sales from a year ago. However, once again we must temper our enthusiasm as these figures are skewed due to the pandemic and the global closure of the first half of 2020.

That being said it is still a huge upturn for the company with sales figures of 176K bikes and 53K+ of e-bikes…that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The leisure/off road riding sector has substantially grown in the last few years and perhaps more so in the last 12 months too where riders were looking for country escapes of the modern gloom, together with e-bikes launching off in popularity, it’s no wonder this group of companies is posting such great figures.

You would think that Europe would have seen the greatest gains, and whilst they were impressive..it was by no means the best performing. India and Australasia also posted substantial gains too but the USA was the biggest mover with a positive gain of 160% with over 30K sales…but Europe still reigns supreme in overall numbers with over 73K sold.

2022 is set to be another big year for the group, not only for motorcycle sales but also for EV bikes too and the greater expansion of the off road market which has attracted the attention of other major brands to the game also, as reported that Triumph are not looking at this sector too.

All of the companies in the group appear to be on an upward trajectory but KTM are still the big cheese on the block and their mix of road and off road bikes make it a very appealing brand. Now they are spreading their considerable might on the race track too with the newly revealed RC-8C track bike too.

Things can only get better…and faster too

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