Volcon Bring Easy Offroad Electric Dirt Bike

Volcon Powersports from the USA are raising a few eyebrows with their two offroad capable easy dirt bikes…and they’re electric too.

There is the adult sized Grunt which can race up to 40mph with a range of 75miles and even tow 750lbs, whilst the junior version Runt can reach 35mph with a range or 35miles too.

The Grunt has thick wide tyres using different rider modes as well as having a loading and reverse mode too. It is powered by a 25kw motor and its batteries can be swapped out giving that extra range too. Would you believe it is waterproof too so can be ridden underwater…yes underwater!

The Runt has the similar design and function however has a hub drive motor so no drive chains or belts…and with both having a low stance and much greater stability than more conventional dirt bikes…these could the way of the future, especially if you’re wanting to experience the great outdoors.

Just imagine loading a couple of these onto your EV truck with a spare supply of batteries already charged…only two hours to charge by the way, then heading out into the vastness. Setting up camp then using these to go explore where trucks cannot go.

Silent, capable, durable and an all around must have for the future outdoors person. Sure it won’t go very fast, but it doesn’t have to. And its range might be a stumbling block but really how far are you likely to go anyway. The big question for future owners will be whether these bike batteries can be charged whilst outdoors. Can you leave them bathing in the sun for a few hours and let the solar panels do their thing or will you be a sitting duck if you suddenly run out of juice without any means of charging them?

The outdoors world has been waiting for vehicles like these for some time and if they get this right, could be the plaything of the future. With the Grunt coming in at $5995 and the Runt at $2995…they’re clearly not cheap toys however their prices would be comparable to dirt bikes of similar capability you would imagine.

Am I tempted…yes indeed, but I would like to know more about their outdoor practicality too before I blew the cobwebs off the wallet

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