Indian Motorcycles To Lead The Way In Motorcycle Safety?

Recently Indian motorcycles applied for a patent of a new safety system which would be able to identify and differentiate between different types of vehicles and be able to alert the rider at the same time too…a kind of target mapping radar.

This new system goes beyond the enhanced safety systems of other European brands such as BMW using anti collision systems and adaptive cruise control in that this system will use a triple radar system, half a dozen camera with the annoying vibration feedback system known as haptics. If you’ve bought a new phone or games console recently you’ll be all too familiar with haptic feedback.

The system will log, monitor and determine the various vehicle types in the vicinity of the rider and motorcycle and determine whether there is a collision risk and thus alert the rider by haptic feedback to make an input.

This kind of system is already available in cars, albeit it doesn’t always give a lot of room to react or the system goes off without there being an actual risk…so it might not be perfect.

That being said, if it can alert the rider to a potential safety threat without necessarily automatically affecting breaking systems or cutting engine power, then this can work.

However the concern would be whether future riders will disengage from their riding environment even more with this kind of fallback system? Will it make riders become lazy observers and how much control will we be handing over in future years?

As yet it is unclear whether Indian will be releasing this technology at all or whether it will be limited to the touring ranges of bikes. It is also not stated wether this will be linked to other rider safety devices or as previously mentioned whether the system will automatically take corrective action for the rider.

Of course this is all high level computing and processing power…but is it the Skynet kind that we have been warned about.

Rider Beware!

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