Royal Enfield Himalayan 650cc – Coming Soon?

It has been talked about on motorcycle press floors for some times and has been whispered about in dark corners for even longer, but it appears the news of a 650cc engine being put into the Himalayan has got some legs.

Royal Enfield are expanding their model fleet with the larger engine and they are due to release a cruiser and street scrambler model quite soon but the calls have been growing louder for the small adventure bike to get given a steroid injection.

This 650cc Twin engine story has been doing the rounds for some time but lacked substance or even any leaked photos or footage from testing grounds. Usually the Indian manufacturer would have legions of supporters being quite happy snappy if they were to do some preliminary testing on the might is right roads but that hasn’t happened.

Quite recently there were strong rumours that this 650cc variant was being developed out of India and back in good ol’ blighty where secret design and testing centres are to be found in underground caverns.

Perhaps it will some time yet, but the writing is on the wall for the larger adv type. Will it be called the same name though or given a label befitting the beefier capability

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