New Sportier Harley Davidson set to make big waves!

The long awaited second motorcycle from Harley-Davidson using the new Revolution Max engine will be unveiled in less than 10days on 13th July by virtual launch…and it’s already got wags a tailing with a few faint dribbles witnessed in the last week too.

This not so secret motorcycle concept known as the Low Custom has been on the drawing board for a couple of years and many have speculated that this is a replacement for the Sportster as in many markets around the world the Sportster would not pass emissions tests…however this new bike with unashamed high performance capability in so much more…in fact you could argue that this engine will give it the proper sporting credentials like no other has done before…well for a Harley at least.

So what can we expect from the American motorcycle manufacturer and will it be welcomed with open arms by the masses?

The engine is likely to have a different tune on it for the sports cruiser market but it will still pack a punch like that of the Pan America. It is whether this design and matched performance will be what riders are looking for…or would they prefer an out n out street fighting machine?

This bike may alienate the air cooled traditionalists but it will go a long way to bring in other riders which will carry the brand forward. The next limiting factor will be it’s price point and how many variations are we likely to see and how many necessary optional extras will we be incline to buy too?

This motorcycle may encourage a momentary spike in interest but will it provide long term numbers that will make it a mainstay for years to come. Possibly not…well certainly not as likely as the Pan America.

However this should be viewed as another stepping stone for the company. The motorcycle design matters not…but it is the future of the engine that will determine whether H-D hold their nerve or not.

This was always supposed to be a story made in three acts. This will be Act 2. Letting you sink your teeth into the new reality and really just waiting for the final message, the last word that needs to be said before we cast our final verdict.

You can expect Act 3 coming soon…possibly as soon as the Autumn but most likely as an early 2022 model. The street fighting machine is just sharpening its knives and will be out for vengeance, guts and glory!

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