Harley Davidson new LiveWire company launch first new model!

When Harley Davidson announced a couple of months ago that they were creating a brand new company called; LiveWire, to build solely electric vehicles…many were wondering what was to come next, considering they already had an electric LiveWire motorcycle in their stable of offerings.

The plan was to launch with a brand new motorcycle at the International Motorcycle Show on the 8th/9th July however it now appears that the launch may be pushed back to the 16th/18th July at the Sonoma Motorcycle Show in California.

That in itself is not confusing or even unexpected. However what is slightly confusing is what sort of motorcycle will be the launch vehicles for the all new electric motorcycle company called Livewire.

Well it appears that the LiveWire company have filed for a vehicle identification number with the NTSB in the USA under the model name of LiveWire One with a power output of 101bhp which is roughly where the Harley Davidson LiveWire is now.

So this begs the questions whether it will be a brand new model or really just a rehashed and rebadged version of the current LiveWire?

Only another month to wait on this story but it would have been more impressive to launch with a brand new motorcycle and not some variant of what is already out there. Perhaps the boffins in Silicon Valley HQ will surprise us…time will tell.

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