Harley Davidson M8 Softail Rear Suspension Failures

It has been a long running issue with the M8 Softail motorcycles from Harley Davidson that some owners have been having problems with their rear suspension and also some failures too.

Most of the criticisms have been at how ineffective the units are or that they lack the degree of adjustability that many riders would like.

Thankfully within a year of the Softail launch, there were alternatives available and now even aftermarket units that are reportedly superior too.

A recent story highlighted an issue with the rear suspension but what was more alarming is that the dealership and the network of dealers in a country claimed that there was no record of any such failing or any problems at all.

The rear suspension can be adjusted according to the loading, whether riding solo or with a pillion but many riders have found that the unit seizes after a while thus leaving them in a fixed setting that they were not even aware of or that it makes the handling inadequate or even substandard.

Owners have been having to fight their corners to have units replaced with stock parts, but even those stock parts are quickly failing too and are leading to other such issues of excessive tyre wear too.

What is most alarming is where dealerships are claiming that all of the issues are due to rider riding errors or that these are isolated incidents, when clearly they are not. They should be ashamed of themselves! If might be acceptable for an individual not to have heard about these problems but not a whole dealership and certainly not the regional H-D HQ.

It appears that some owner riders were also reluctant to make a fuss against dealerships in this regard in favour of some misplaced loyalty too, which seems ludicrous too.

The best way to manage the serviceability of your rear shock absorber suspension unit is to regularly change the settings so help avoid it seizing up. However if there is an issue then you really need to get onto the dealership and get them to look at it, especially if it is under warranty and demand that it be replaced. You only hope is that the replacement does not become unserviceable soon afterwards too.

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