Harley Davidson M8 Softail Clutch Lever Bracket Early Wearing!

For a few months I had noticed a rattling noise coming from my clutch lever and on closer inspection I deemed it to be the anti rattle spring that had worn away.

In fact I made a video about this whole scenario. How I found out what the problem was. How I took it to the local dealership for them to fix it…as it was still under warranty…and also how I had to wait around for four hours whilst they eventually decided to change the £5 part which I could have easily done myself.

I totally get the reasoning of many owner riders who can’t be bothered to claim for warranty work for easy fixes that they could do themselves. I was in this position too but they offered to get the part and fix it for me whilst I waited all under warranty. Otherwise I would have to spend the money, buy the part and then do it myself…but I thought what the hell, let them do it!

So on receiving the bike back after copious amount of coffee and bacon rolls, the tech told me that they had found some unusual wear in the clutch lever bracket. They said they would look into the problem and come back to me…but they never did. That was until yesterday when I got a call to bring my bike in for them to fit a new bracket!

In truth I had totally forgotten about the issue at all as my mind had been on other small issues on the bike. So after some haggling for slot times, I managed to book the bike into the dealership to have it replaced…again whilst I waited. However this time I was assured that I would not be waiting around for too long and I would be first in line.

Of course dealerships of all descriptions do get a bad reputation at times but in this case, they were straight down the middle and did what they said they were going to do. They took it upon themselves to get the part and get it fixed.

So the question here is, is this a known issue with the Softails. The anti rattle spring wearing thin is definitely a known issue. It is a cheaply made part that is made of hard plastic, that really should be made of metal or at least a material more durable. However the clutch lever bracket is not…or not to my knowledge either. But for the dealership to be able to claim this off the manufacturer, then I am assuming Harley Davidson MoCo at least concede this is a fault that should not be happening.

It makes you wonder how many other issues are know to the manufacturer but may not be picked up by the owner and may not have been claimed for…

All I can hope for now is that the wait will not be too long, the coffee and bacon rolls are palatable and the cost to myself is not even a discussion. I also wonder what other things I can detect in the meantime that might be addressing before my warranty runs out at the end of the month?

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