Harley Davidson European Bike Week 2021 Goes Ahead As Planned

Fresh off the Harley Davidson press is that the company have announced that the European Bike Week to be held at Lake Faak, Carinthia in Austria from 7th – 12th September will go ahead as planned.

As the world slowly starts to get back on its feet after the Covid 19 pandemic, Austria are taking the lead in not only opening up venues but also allowing organised events to continue with of course proper restrictions in place.

However the situation is still quite fluid and whilst there is enthusiasm and optimism that the event will indeed go ahead, there could always be more strict restrictions imposed on attendees or the event being cancelled should the European pandemic worsen with the different variants now emerging.

Every country is gradually modifying their travel advice at the moment to its citizens and the need for prudence and also whether there will be a necessity for self isolation on their return to homelands. In every case, each attendee will have to prepare for and abide by the regulations and restrictions imposed by their home country, Austria as the destination country and all of the countries being transited through. This could be a long process and depending on what tests and certification are required, this could become an expensive proposition too for revellers.

However, at least there is clear intention to go ahead with a big motorcycle event this year and every effort will be made to make this so. More details will be made available soon.

Read here the full press release from Harley Davidson


OXFORD, UK (June 2021) – Following a series of positive announcements by the Austrian government regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the continued lifting of restrictions in that country, Harley-Davidson® is delighted to confirm that the annual European Bike Week® will take place around Lake Faak in Carinthia, Austria, from September 7-12, 2021.

After a relaxation of restrictions in Austria in May following a continued downward trend in cases, and Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s promise to get back to “back to normality, freedom, a normal life” as soon as possible, the date for the latest easing of restrictions in June was brought forward by a week. Now, most social, work and travel restrictions – including international travel – are planned to be relaxed over the summer. Austria’s vaccination program has also made huge progress, with Federal Minister of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection Wolfgang Mückstein stating on June 8 that the country has “already been able to provide protective vaccination to half of the vaccine-eligible population… making further relaxations possible”.

Confidence in making this announcement has also been reinforced by the local government: “The news from the Austrian Government sounds positive and we are looking forward to the return of European Bike Week in a safe way. This should allow our local businesses to re-open fully and all our visitors to enjoy one of Austria’s most scenic regions once again. Carinthia, and especially the region around Faaker See, is very proud of its long association with European Bike Week, and we’re excited to welcome riders back in September 2021”, said Christian Poglitsch, mayor of Finkenstein am Faaker See.

Kolja Rebstock, Harley-Davidson’s Regional Vice President, Managing Director of EMEA and Managing Director of DACH, added: “I am delighted that European Bike Week can go ahead this year, and would like to say a big thank you to all of our team and our local partners who make European Bike Week happen. And of course, thank you to all the riders who make it the huge success that it has always been. Events are at the heart of our lifestyle, culture and identity and we can’t wait until September 7 and the start of European Bike Week 2021.”

Harley-Davidson will continue to responsibly review any restrictions on gatherings or travel that may be reintroduced in Austria or surrounding countries closer to the date, and will amend the event format as necessary, but we remain committed to reigniting the passion and freedom of motorcycle events as soon as realistically possible. Watch out for more details about European Bike Week 2021 very soon.

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