UK on verge of E10 fuel | Government Warning Coming

The new level ethanol based fuel is set to start flowing this summer in the UK leading the Government to start with warning and information campaigns for drivers and riders.

E10 means that the fuel mixture will be 90% petrol and 10% ethanol which has been shown to adversely affect older engines however vehicles since 2000 should have been manufactured with this in mind and there won’t be any detrimental affects.

Whilst E5 and other grades are not set to be scrapped immediately, there could be a price difference between the various fuel grades and the E5 showing an increase.

Many have voiced concerns that the ethanol based fuels are up to nearly 35% less efficient than other previous fuels, therefore this will reduced the MPG too. One has to wonder if the price of the E10 fuel will be 35% less to compensate? Don’t hold your breath.

So get ready for TV and radio announcements telling you what you need to know and let the internet inform you of ways to avoid it too.

It might be greener for the planet. Reports suggesting the E10 fuel usage will reduced emissions by 3/4mil tonnes or the same as over 300K vehicles on average road use.

Drivers and riders should check their vehicle to determine whether it is suited to the new E10 fuel and how to avoid it if need be.

One thing is for certain…there will be a number of unhappy bunnies come this September when it officially starts flowing at forecourts in the UK

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