Norton Motorcycles primed for Rebirth

Since Norton motorcycles got into financial strife and subsequently got taken over by Indian giant; TVS…little of tangible significance has been made, however with a new structure in place and new models on the horizon…Norton are coming back…and coming back strong!

With a fresh injection of considerable cash, a new management structure and assembly plant capable of 7000 bikes a year, Norton has been able to get to grips with its outstanding orders and right the wrongs laid upon past customers.

In short they have been putting their house in order and fulfilling the promises made of the past, but now they have refocussed their efforts to make new motorcycles with a clear target of marrying lifestyle and performance.

The new motorcycle models and variants will be filtering through over the next two years but there is fresh optimism that this latest incarnation of Norton can make it a force to be reckoned with and when it produces a range of bikes in different sizes and classes for new markets as well as old…the dreams may indeed become a reality.

Norton hopes. TVS expects…and the motorcycle world just wait with interest to see what happens next.

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