Best Budget Open Face Helmet | ZORAX Helmet

So I needed a new open face helmet as my last one was getting very loose around the noggin. I was looking around at some really expensive helmets from top brands but then I thought to myself…Who am I kiddin’? Where’s The Zorax

Open Face helmets really are there to help protect the skull from impact but obviously does nothing for the face. So I started to look at helmets of a similar style that I had already worn and looked for anything that would meet the minimum safety standards for where I live.

The choice of colour…there can be only one! Matt Black! The choice of size? Well I decided to choose a smaller helmet that I had worn before because it would fit tighter…so a medium it was.

Now, I wasn’t really looking to buy the cheapest I could find and forsake all safety issues however in my extensive research…all of 5 minutes…I discovered that in terms of safety…there wasn’t really much between the cheaper and more expensive open face helmets.

So weighing up the alternatives, I opted for the lesser infringement on my wallet. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how well it fit and its slim shell and reduced weight looked and felt better although it would take some getting used to.

For just over £30 I’ve managed to get a helmet that fits properly and suits my simple style too. I love the feeling of open face helmets when I ride…and I could not be happier at this moment with the choice I made.

For a fraction of the cost, I have got a helmet that meets the safety standards and is legal for me to use on the roads…and gives me the look and feel that I was looking for. Go check it out for yourself, but the ZORAX is a great choice…if only for the cool name it has.

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