New Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle for 2022?

As we grow we learn to accept new ideas and concepts. For motorcycle enthusiasts and Harley Davidson fans, the transition from internal combustion engine to electric powered has been a slow process but with ever growing momentum and now we’re starting to accept and perhaps even welcome the inevitable.

As we know, Harley Davidson have been the first major motorcycle manufacturer to going into production with their LiveWire electric bike, and to much acclaim too.

Most recently the company announced that their ‘electric division’ based in Silicone Valley would now become a stand alone company called Livewire and it’s sole purpose would be to design and build electric vehicles as well as develop technology for future motorcycles too.

The Livewire company is all set to launch it’s first motorcycle on the 8th July 2021 however it is thought that this will be a smaller vehicle for urban use.

Harley Davidson stated that much of the technology developed will be put into future electric vehicles under the H-D label, so the question is; what will be the next offering from either company.

It was strongly rumoured that Harley Davidson had been planning a smaller version of the Livewire for some time with a fusion of styles between urban super moto and flat tracker influences but further news of that became scarce during the last 12 months.

During their product launch at the beginning of 2021, H-D CEO Jochen Zeitz eluded to the company would be announcing many more projects and developments throughout the year. Most, myself included would think this was mere rhetoric or stalling after a rather limp-wristed display. However it appears that together with the Icons launch and the Livewire company, along with the Serial 1 e bicycle products launch too, he may not have been stringing us along after all.

The question now is whether the electric vehicles will be solely under the Livewire banner or will H-D reveal their new electric bike in early 2022 too. Time will tell but many critics have wondered why the company have not produced entry smaller bikes for the next generation, well perhaps they have been waiting for the next gen to be ready for whatever EVs they can deliver too?

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