Harley Davidson Relaunch Bronx for 2022

When Harley Davidson cut the planned new street fighter style motorcycle dubbed ‘Bronx’ from its future vehicle line up, many were left scratching their heads why this was done and would it ever resurface.

The general idea was that this Bronx was to be launched at a similar time to the Pan America adventure bike using the new Revolution Max liquid cooled engine, but without warning it disappeared from their public plans without reasonable explanation.

However, since the launch of the Pan America, it seems that Harley Davidson are playing a cunning game of cat and mouse and keeping their cards close to theirs chests…perhaps for good reason.

Perhaps instead of flooding the market…or their potential customers with too many options at the same time, they’re adopting the drip feeding approach to get as much impact as possible for each model…It could just work too!

So the latest rumours coming out of Milwaukee is that the Bronx was never cancelled but just put on the back burner…and the original 975cc engine would now not be the only option for it.
It now appears that the Bronx street fighter style naked bike could be launched in 2022 and not only with the 975cc but also with the 1250cc too.

Undoubtedly this will create a further divide in the Harley Davidson fan base between the traditionalists and the next gens, but there is a growing call by many non H-D riders to get this bike on the streets as it would be the most attraction option for them, should they wish to switch brands.

As With the Pan America, the Bronx could not only draw converts from the exiting Harley riders but mostly attract those from outside the fold…and perhaps that is where the company should hope it could prove itself too. The success of the Pan America and the new Revolution Max 1250 engine will largely determine how well received the new street bike would be. It could be just the tonic the the company need and the biking world crave for considering how the pandemic has affected so many manufacturers and customers alike.

Could this be the best bike for 2022? Could we really see the Bronx as the next model ahead of their custom variant? Let us know your thoughts

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