Who knew Biker Gnomes were actually a thing?

In the crazy world of motorcycle accessorising and gifting, I recently came across some garden gnomes that were aimed at the biker within us all.

Some regard the gnomes as evil…especially if you accidentally stub your toe on one in the garden. Some see them as protectors for your home…guarding the front aspect and warding off evil spirits. Whilst others just view them as very odd and belong to a bygone era.

But it seems that gnomes have been secretly plotting their return and have invaded online shopping outlets such as Amazon and are now disguising themselves as Bikers! And not just your run of the mill biker at that! Yes indeed, we have the whole gamut of two wheeling fun and frolics covered.

I just can’t make up my mind whether this is just absurd nonsense or wether I actually think it’s really funny and I need to get a few for myself. So with that I thought I would put a few below for your viewing pleasure and include the links where you can find them too.

I think I shall be getting the meanest looking one I can find too…but I’m not sure what my canine friend in residence will make of it. I can see battles on the front lawn occurring…

Gnoschitt and Gnofun

I found so many biker couples too and even some salty ones too for your viewing pleasure.

Apparently these are getting very popular amongst the new homesteaders with motorcycling leanings.

In truth there are so many of these things for sale in so many styles and incarnations, it starts to be a little spooky. In fact some people actually have a phobia and cannot even stand to look at them.

Well, I’ll leave that to you to decide but I’ll leave you with the funniest one I saw that that fits in nicely with the biker lifestyle cliche…Oooo I never!

Blimey that’s just very wrong!! More weird and wonderful from the biker world coming soon but in the meantime, please enjoy these you fruity lot. Cheers

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